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Airport Pickup Services in Massachusetts

After a long plane journey, many people want to get to their home or accommodation as soon as possible and rest. Rather than looking for taxis or buses, consider booking chauffeur services ahead of time, so you will have a ride immediately once you step out of the airport. Key Limousine & Transportation offers airport pickup services in Massachusetts. You also won’t feel stressed about carrying your heavy luggage as our chauffeurs will assist you.

Logan Terminal Pickup Locations

Logan Airport has designated pickup areas where your chauffeur will meet you. Terminals A, B, and C are reserved for flights that do not involve customs. Terminal E is for international flights that require customs clearance. Be sure to call your driver or contact us at (781) 834-7086 as soon as you have collected your luggage so we can know when to expect you at the pickup location.

Terminal A

Exit through baggage claim level door A102 and cross two traffic islands to the limo stand (left-hand corner, last parking lot, gray sign labeled “Limos”). We accept Delta, Delta Shuttle, Alaska Air, United (Cleveland, Houston, and Newark arrivals), and Southwest airline passengers.

Terminal B

Air Canada airline passengers will exit through door B101. United, American, and Spirit airline passengers will exit through door B113. Cross into the parking garage from the baggage level. The “Limo Area” is located in the garage’s center. Keep an eye out for taxis flying down the street you need to cross.

Terminal C

Pick up your luggage from baggage claim. Take the elevator or escalators to the third floor. Exit to the moving walkway into the parking garage and take the elevator down to the ground floor. The third island out is the limo stand.

Terminal E

Exit through door E104 on the baggage claim level, cross two traffic islands, and turn left. Find the gray “Limos” sign. We accommodate passengers from all international flights and the airlines AirTran Airways, Porter, and Sun Country.



Your driver will have a sign with your name on it.


Drivers are not allowed to enter the terminal.


Drivers are not allowed to be more than five feet from the vehicle.


The airport authority and Logan Airport restrict access to the curb outside of a terminal to a 10-minute wait.